The Desolation Of Smaug Movie’ Extended Edition Adds 25 Minutes

Set in the mythological time of Middle Earth” that began with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ,” the story continues with Bilbo ( Martin Freeman ) aiding a party of dwarves led by Thorin ( Richard Armitage ) who seeks to recapture the mountain and throne of his father which was taken by the fearsome and unstoppable dragon , Smaug.

Let’s talk about Smaug. Wow. I have never seen a more incredible film dragon. He sets a new standard, and it’s not just the CGI artists who deserve credit for that. I credit the director and the actor (Benedict Cumberbatch) for pulling off the most convincing Tolkien-like dragon I have ever — in my entire life — seen in film or television. You cannot praise their investment in Smaug enough. I just wish his storyline had made … but I digress.

The strongest sequence of the movie comes at the end, where Bilbo and the dwarves try to reclaim the Arkenstone from Smaug the Magnificent. The Arkenstone will unite the dwarves, and persuade more of their kin to march on the lonely mountain, and defeat the evil dragon. The motion capture used in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is seen once again, bringing the dragon to life.

I completely disagree with this article. The winner should be The Two Towers. It is a better film. I thought DOS was a huge disappointment, less Tolkien and more action cheesy gimmicky blockbuster action. for some reason the hobbit movies are better than the lotr movies. they sort of feel like television episodes, where lotr felt like a really long trilogy that should have been two movies, with the hobbit i just want more.

The climax of this journey is of course Bilbo’s highly anticipated encounter with the dragon Smaug who claims ownership of the hallowed, deserted galleries of the Lonely Mountain’s once-majestic halls. It’s here that Bilbo takes centre stage and relies on intelligence rather than brawn. Played – or rather voiced – by Benedict Cumberbatch, the reunion of Sherlock’s double act sparkles with the type of explosive chemistry you’d expect from a familiar pairing – the dragon Smaug’s smug, joyless smile interchangeable with Cumberbatch’s mischievous portrayal of Conan Doyle’s infamous detective.

Reviews & Trailer Dhoom 3 Movie

Aashique 2, Aah good Lord! Ranging from melodious tracks to the beautifully scripted romance, Aashique 2 well deserves its position in the movie charts. The story line is so heart touching that one finds himself full of tears by the end of the movie. With revenues reaching as high as 78.42 crores, it proved to be a great movie. And how can we forget Chashme Baddoor? With handsome Ali Zafar acting as the lead role, this movie is a feel good, light hearted comedy.

Now, Sahir decide that this is the time for doing thief into the last remaining branch of that time Samar and Sahir completed this task together and  now, they completely finished that bank and taken their now, they becomes a famous criminals and Jay dixit tries to catch them with the help of in the night they become unsuccesful and both brother run away said that both they are best and police is not able to catch them any , Jay said he has a plan and they used Aalia for catching the Samar and Sahira and with her help they successfully arrested both the Sahir done a deal with Jay that he is ready to get arrested but Jay has to leave his brother Samar and jay accepted that and then, Sahir jumps from a huge height but Samar caught him and both brothers decided to sucide and leave this world together.

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From there adventures, peril, and heroics ensue as the toys seek to be reunited with their owner. Like the first two Toy Stories, this film is filled with laughs from start to finish. The characters balance new jokes and activities dhoom 3 movie first two movies. with humorous rehashes of lines from the The script is well-written, the action is both humorous and suspenseful, and the creativity of the writers and producers is on full display throughout the movie.

My Review About Gone Girl Movie

I’ll get the bad news out of the way first: Gone Girl is NOT as good as Jurassic Park. It’s still pretty good, though? Definitely go see it; I just don’t want you to walk in the theater like, This is gonna be better than Jurassic Park” cause it isn’t.

Before I start writing I’d like to advise you not to spend money on this movie. It was a disaster if you ask me. If you really like to know why I think that way, take 2 minutes of your time to read this and you’ll know.First I must say that I watched the trailer a few times and even then I knew it wasn’t going to be something great, but I was hoping it would turn out to be a decent movie. So I started watching it. But what did I saw?I saw extremely bad introduction and a chaotic scene order.

If you haven’t read the novel (where have you been?), it follows Nick Dunne, who comes home on his fifth wedding anniversary to find that his wife Amy has disappeared in unusual circumstances – and he’s the prime murder suspect. Calling all Gone Girl fans – the first image of the upcoming film adaptation of the book has been released – giving us a sneak peek at Ben Affleck as protaganist Nick Dunne.

A recently separated woman — currently reading Gone Girl — discovered that her husband had been having multiple affairs over many years; she pulled up his emails from the last nine years and established a painstaking chronology. The secret to successfully figuring out a who done it” is to look at either those that seem like incidental, who cares?” side characters or the ones that you think couldn’t possibly be the culprit, such as the alleged” victims.

It is interesting to me-but not surprising-that a tiny segment of this book’s readers give it low marks. I detect two consistent themes in those reviews. Before I get to that, let me put in writing my FIRST reactions to this novel: creative and complex story, daring approach, gone girl movie flawless context, remarkably courageous personal insight, glib-witty-brutal-unflinching narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even when it made me itchy and twitchy and feel uncomfortably exposed. And THAT brings me to the second theme in those negative reviews.

Christian Spotlight On The Noah Movies

The synopsis for ‘œTwilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ has been leaked! The synopsis is a basic summation of the movie. Although most ‘œTwilight’ fans have read the books and know what to expect, many people have no idea what Bella and Edward will encounter in ‘œBreaking Dawn.’ For that reason, this is a huge spoiler alert!

Aronofsky further says its a cautionary tale that if you are wicked, if you fill the world with wickedness you get punished. If this was also something Aronofsky was trying to get across why did he work so hard to show even moreso that the innocent should be punished with the same fate as noah movie the wicked inlcuding the brutal death of a young girl, the supposed murder of Noahs father and Noah wanting to murder his Grandchildren. That is not biblical. The bible clearly says in recognition of Noahs Righteousness the Ark was to be built as a safe shelter in the time of the flood.

Typically, I don’t weigh in on film reviews, preferring to work behind the scenes of for the last 10 years. However, with all the controversy on this film, I thought I’d enter the fray. Over the years, I’ve seen more Christian films than most people have even heard of. I have a great vantage point to see the growth of films produced & marketed to the Christian audience. The sheer number of films coming out in theaters in 2014 that are connected with Christianity in some way is definitely at an all time high.

Critics may have dubbed 2014 the year of the Bible” in Hollywood , but it’s a mistake to group every Biblical flick into one trend: Not all movies that crib their plotlines from the two testaments are alike. In fact, the biggest Biblical hits so far this year, February’s Son of God and last week’s Noah, don’t have much in common at all, other than their roots in the good book. While Son of God is an earnest story of heaven, miracles, and the salvation of the soul, Noah is a human drama, crafting a fantasy-like world into a parable about how people should act.

The good news is that this story is ripe for a big budget production. It’s one of the most famous stories in the world and probably the third bible story most children learn (Jesus and Adam & Eve coming in first and second place, respectively). The fact that most people already know this story may actually help Noah at the box office, but I’m not holding my breath. Aronofsky co-wrote this with Ari Handel and they’ve injected it with a lot more plot than exists in the original story. This is probably forgivable to most but it will turn some people off.

19 Things We Learned From The Hunger Games Catching Fire Movie

The tributes are lining up fast and furious this week: Hunger Games tributes,” that is. Lionsgate announced Thursday that the role of Gloss in Catching Fire has gone to Alan Ritchson, the third casting decision for the movie in as many days.

Uncharted-Drake’s Fortune: With captivating level designs, lush panoramic view of the forest and swashbuckling action that would even make the treasure-hunt of Lara Croft or Indiana Jones appear to be a child’s play, this game of Nathan Drake’s adventure is a must-buy item. Catching Fire, the second book in the international bestselling Hunger Games series is now a feature film. The original novel is now available with all-new cover art from the movie!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is presented on Blu-ray courtesy of Lionsgate Films with an AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 1.78:1 (for the Hunger Games sequences) and 2.40:1 (for all other sequences). This is perhaps appropriately an even darker, moodier experience than the first film, with deep, shaded scenes making up the bulk of the film. Contrast is very strong and shadow detail remains strong throughout the film. Colors have been graded fairly aggressively throughout the film. A lot of the District 12 sequences are bathed in a slate gray or ice cold blue color, with flesh tones and other pops of primaries intentionally desaturated.

The movie proved to be an amazing arrangement of the book, stuck with the plotline and included the little details that made up the details would help in avoiding complaints, such as ‘he got stabbed in the head, not in the chest!’ or ‘wait a minute, he was supposed to die before him!’ The small things made in the movie made it a hit, leaving the fans in awe. I would rate the movie 11 out 10 stars, and that’s being modest. Anyone and everyone should go and see the movie. I think that as long as Lionsgate sticks with the plotline and details, the odds will definitely be in your favor.

All of the undercooked and half-formed elements of the original pay off in the sequel, or at least most of them do. As for the elements that did work last time, director Lawrence keeps them humming and working on a deeper level. And when it comes to the Hunger Games themselves, Lawrence uses his action chops to make them land much harder than the original. While the violence may remain sanitized from the books, Catching Fire still uses the likes of poison smoke, monkeys, birds and natural elements to make Katniss’s battles more physically and psychologically brutal.

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